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Stay in touch with the Treaty Office!Email: jnyce@kitsumkalum.com or kkcommteam@gmail.com Social media:FacebookInstagram In-person:3527 West Kalum Rd., Terrace, BC V8G 0C8 Phone: 1-888-635-1718

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Negotiating through a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us many challenges – on the home front, in the community, and in the broader Terrace region. It is safe to say that many of us hoped that we would be back to normal in


Thank you, Lynn!

Congratulations on your retirement, Lynn Bolton! Lynn worked alongside the treaty team for 28 years. She has helped consolidate years of interviews, important documents, historical information. Lynn has kept the office, meetings, notes, receipts and the important documents filed and

Treaty News


If you have questions about the Treaty or Treaty process, please view our Frequently Asked Questions page or submit a question by clicking ‘Ask Now’ in the box on the right.     Ask A Question Ask Now

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