Our Treaty

Our Treaty

Kitsumkalum has been working toward a treaty since 1993.

The main goal of the Kitsumkalum Treaty is to get Kitsumkalum out from under the Indian Act and make the nation self-governing. Out of the six stages of the BC negotiations process, Kitsumkalum is in Stage Five – Negotiation to Finalize a Treaty.

The Kitsumkalum Final Agreement or Treaty is to be based on the Agreement-in-Principle (AIP) that the Kitsumkalum people voted to accept in 2013. Acceptance of the AIP allowed the Kitsumkalum Treaty Team to move forward into negotiations towards a final agreement.

Once a treaty has been negotiated between all parties, the Kitsumkalum people must vote to accept it or not accept it. 50% plus 1 of the Kitsumkalum members who register to vote must vote ‘Yes’ in favor of the agreement in order for the final treaty to go through.  For example, if there are 400 people who are registered to vote, 201 people must vote ‘Yes’ in favor of the treaty to successfully ratify the Kitsumkalum Treaty.

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