The Kitsumkalum Treaty Team and negotiators from both the Government of British Columbia and Canada meet regularly to negotiate chapters in the Treaty. The British Columbia Treaty Commission (BCTC), known as the ‘Keepers of the Treaty Process’, is also at the negotiating table.

Each negotiation session usually lasts three days. Negotiations are broken down into sessions, with each session scheduled on separate days:

1. Chief Negotiators Session

Where all of the high-level discussions and decisions are made regarding the Kitsumkalum Treaty. This includes important agenda items, such as overlap consultation, strength of claim, Forestry Agreements, land and cash offers and the Treaty closing plan.  

2. Main Table Working Group

This Working Group updates are reported and edits to the Treaty language are negotiated and decided.

3. Fisheries

Where allocation for food, social and ceremonial fish and other species are discussed. Treaty chapter language is decided on and inserted into the Treaty.

4. Lands

This Working Group meets to discuss the technical issues that are related to Kitsumkalum Treaty Settlement Lands

5. Legal Working Group

This Working Group meets to review the legal aspects of the Treaty that are related to the Kitsumkalum Treaty.

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